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Nothing more then fads. A lot of people think that everyone just follows trend's because they want to look cool or be accepted or whatever you want to say. Not everyone is like this however, a lot of people just think that the way people dress in whatever the trend happens to be at the time looks cool or attractive. It seems nowadays that lots of people that say they are against trends but don't even seem to realize they're following a trend themselves. The people who seem to complain most about trends are not the ones that don't follow a trend, but rather the ones that do. A lot of people just tend to call out other trends because they think it's stupid, there are elitists in all trends. People need to get it through their heads that 'scene, or 'emo' aren't the only trends out there. They jsut seem to be getting a lot of attention right now. And, just because this bothers me, 'Prep' is a trend too. And despite the stereotypes, not all 'preps' are stuck up idiots with too much money on their hands. Despite the stereo types not all 'Scene' kids are stuck up elitists who just want to be accepted. Despite the stero types not all 'Emo' kids are depressed and unhappy all the time. Most trends are more about the fashion fo themselves than anything else. In my opinion there's nothing wrong with being part of a trend. Even if you get told your 'unoriginal' or 'just another scene/emo/prep/punk/whatever' kid it doesn't make you unoriginal. No one is exactly the same as anyone. People who are extremely anti-trend are usually more elitist then most people in the trends...
Jake dresses like that because he wants to. Not because he's trying to be like everyone else in the trend.
by Jake' December 16, 2005

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