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talent & ability
We hired her for her t & a. The fact she has magnificent tits and a fantastic ass is immaterial to her getting the job.
by Jake February 01, 2004
I think Julie meant "hoovered" as in vacuum-clean-er'd as in sucked-out.

The lazy trollop's contraceptive.
She got pregnmant by accident so got herself Hoover'd to make room for the next accident.
by Jake March 11, 2004
1.) Surprised smiley, used when you are surprised.

2.) To fuck somebody.

3.) A bad word.

4.) A bad place.
Jack: Hey lets go to the :O center.
John: You high Jack? Only :O people go there.
Johhny: Yeah and it's the teacher's favorite place.
Jack: Yeah i think i changed my mind.
by Jake April 23, 2005
Something every woman on the planet needs to do to their snatch if they expect any self respecting man to tongue it.Should start at about age 11 for the sake of cleanliness and be mandatory by age 16 for sex.
That bitch had one hairy ass cooter, someone otta buy her a razor so she can shave that bush before someone gets lost.If its good enough for the Arab women and the Muslim women, it shud be good enough for American chicks.Even trolls do it most times.
by Jake February 01, 2004
Ultra Super Silent Reading
Yo Dave, you wanna go do some USSR?
by Jake April 21, 2005
To feel up a girl when she isn't expecting it, that is, grasp her tits or grab her in the crotch (and if a finger shud happen to enter her vagina, so much the better !!)
Best time to cop a feel is in a crowded place so you can run off and can't be found. When I went to my family reunion my 3rd cousin once removed was in a crowd and her juicy peaches were calling me, so I ran up, coped a feel and ran away to the punch table 2 aisles over. Later in the day I grabbed her crotch and my middle finger just happened to slip into her cunt.
by Jake February 19, 2004
The act of which during sex the male inserts his cock in the bottom of the females cleavage and runs it through to the top where she then gives him oral sex.

Less technical : Stick da cock inbetween them titties to get that blow job!
Man I swear,if the woman aint got big tits theres no point for a grand canyon.
by Jake October 13, 2004

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