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A dirty monkey that likes to diddle with little boys weewees. He likes to climb trees in Africa and find monkey droppings, and eat them. He is gay, and has mated with over 10,038 homosexual animals, including humans, dogs, cats, mosquitos, bacteria, elephants, blue whales, and the rare Martinius Klingonius. Scrubbas usually have an exceptionally large afro, and they seldom shower. Scrubbas do not hit puberty until their late fifties, so most Scrubba will never live to hit puberty. The Scrubba can take extraordinarily large amounts of pain and suffering, as he is constantly attacked by the larger predators such as Jacobius Dumbassius, and Hockius Playerius. If you wish to capture a wild Scrubba, do not shower for a month, as clean smells scare it away, and bring some Yu-Gi-Oh cards or Pokemon games along, and it will surely join you. If you feel a finger diddling your anus or penis while you are sleeping, do not fret, the Scrubba is just expressing his love for you.
A dirty little monkey.
by Jake December 18, 2003
loosely used term for store-bought bagged bread bought in New Jersey...a term primarily used by Ex-New Jersey Net's Dancers
"Litte Ree Ree...here two dollas .....go down da street fo'
mama...and pick up some bagged jersey ass for some samiches"
by Jake August 07, 2003
the act of farting in a car filled with people, then locking the windows, forcing the people in the car to smell your fart
(while driving, alex farts and locks the window)
Alex: HOT BOX!
Jimmy, Robert and Susan: NO! I CAN'T BREATHE!
by jake April 23, 2006
scummy, dirty, filthy, anythign that has to do with not being clean
hes as dirty as roli
by jake September 27, 2004
The worlds most bangin thugs. Made up of Jake-Money, James-Money, Pete-Money, Ralph-Money,Murf-Money, Kevin-Money, Bill-Money, and Mark-Money.
"Yo, i heard th Funkateers are gonna be reppin' tonight!"
"Straight up!!!"
by jake September 16, 2004
(noun) penis, cock, whang
We're friends with benefits , she comes over once a week and sits on my prong while I finger her clit.
by Jake March 24, 2004
A girl's sex organs, primarily the exterior.
Why is Furby eating a paper towel?
by Jake December 09, 2003
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