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To breath and spit.
The retarded kid schlitzed all over me when he was speaking.
by Jake March 29, 2003
He is a wanna be gangster who has zero friends also he thinks its kool to pretend he has a girlfriend named erika
Lobo is a loser and he thinks hes black which he aint so get some friends and stop saying yeaaaa ahhhhh and waz zzzzzzzzupp
by Jake March 15, 2005
POSERS!! HAHA thugettes are the biggest posers i've ever seen. Guys don't like you cuz of your style they like you cuz most of you are fucking hoes!!
I went to a park dressed as gangster n got head from some white girl poser thugette. After she found out i wasnt a gangster she started acting all tough n threatend me so i just laughed and walked away.
by Jake July 07, 2004
anyone who partakes in a dumbass activity or is considered theirselfs a complete dumbass.
Look at that duder with his gay mullet
by jake April 28, 2004
noun, railroading term for an end bearing on a axle which has become extremely hot due to lack of lubrication.
A hot box is often the cause of a derailment (the train coming off the tracks)
by Jake February 03, 2004
A Cuban person, that most likely came swimmin to the stats.
Dude, that ref is really annoying.
by jake April 17, 2005
more of something
We ran out of weed so we had to go downtown and get sumo.
by jake February 21, 2003

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