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being ugly or otherwise unpleasant
"That fuckin' bitch is donk!"
by Jake January 06, 2005
Takes place at HER place, never yours.
Get the female to strip naked without you so much as touching or kissing her.
She gets on her hands and knees, lowers her head to the ground (or bed).
Mount the female from behind. Oh, with your clothes on.
Condom is optional, if she makes you wear one, just before you come you pull out and slip it off (lube helps), then re-enter her for a few more strokes.
Pull out, quietly gob (spit) on her ass so she thinks you came.
Then she starts to turn around, jack off in her face, see pearl necklace
Put it away, zip up, and leave without looking at her or saying anything.

(If you did use a condom to the end, pull it off so it drips on her ass, and discard it on her carpet.)
I was the one whose turn it was to fall on the grenade so I went home with the sealfuck, did her donkey kick style, and left right after. I could hear her crying as the door closed behind me.
by Jake March 02, 2004
Kung Foo is the art of being able to kick PRIMORDIAL KAOS aka JASMIN WARD's ASS with a SPORK outside of a COFFEE SHOP while Almost getting arrested by cops and stealing a Road Cone while your at it! PWNED.
Me: I Know Kung Foo.
Jasmin: Whats Kung Foo?
Me: Last Night.
Me: Pwned.
by Jake June 25, 2004
He is a wanna be gangster who has zero friends also he thinks its kool to pretend he has a girlfriend named erika
Lobo is a loser and he thinks hes black which he aint so get some friends and stop saying yeaaaa ahhhhh and waz zzzzzzzzupp
by Jake March 15, 2005
Best game in the history of mankind, with nearly perfect graphics, nearly perfect music, perfect sound effects, kind of a crappy second half in campaign mode but the first half was great, interiors are a tad repetitive and no bots but except for that, kicks ass. 9.99999999/10. 'Nuff said.
Uh....Halo I guess?
by Jake May 06, 2004
a pretty-typical name given to a black cat
We got a cat from the pound; she's black, so we named her Blackie just like all of the other black cats that we've had. Couldn't very well call her "Whitey", could we ?!
by Jake February 20, 2004
To breath and spit.
The retarded kid schlitzed all over me when he was speaking.
by Jake March 29, 2003
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