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being cold; derived from the language Jag
"It's fuckin frill outside
by Jake January 09, 2005
A little weasel who likes to use computers and jack off to old russian dogs and animated porn. He smells like a butt.
Man, that Doogie is sick mother fucker
by Jake November 30, 2004
What comes out of your dick when you're having an orgasm
I squirted a cumshot on my girlfriend's tits right after I fucked her
by Jake February 16, 2003
in the dumb cartoon network show "avatar" there are "benders" which are people who master an element. such as a fire or water bender. a YING bender is one who has mastered the technique of YINGing people.

see, ying
avatar- "im an air bender!"

me- "fuck you kid. im a YING bender! tremble before my great power!"

avatar- "ahhhhhhh!!"
by jAkE August 07, 2005
Chumble spuzz, is some unbeknownst wad of something that one finds in their pants, usually after strenuous work.
after i got home my the garbage-picking run, i found some chumble spuzz in my pants.
by jAkE March 10, 2005
7" dick, 11" vagina ===> vaginal fart (vart)
He did her doggie-style and when she lay on her back afterwards, she let out a huge gust of wind; he had pumped her full of air.
by Jake January 29, 2004
g unit AKA gorrilla unit used for random notations.
bob-thats cool!
fred- G UNIT!
randomly say g unit!!
by jake April 11, 2005

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