636 definitions by Jake

really cool. <3 him for life or be pwnt.
BB is the shit. Youll love him too.
by Jake December 17, 2004
the personage of being unable to speak clearly, gay, and have an acura "legend" dude because it is in a rap song.
stop being so delima!
by jake July 19, 2004
Big buttoxed person
That girl is minal
by jake April 21, 2004
in the dumb cartoon network show "avatar" there are "benders" which are people who master an element. such as a fire or water bender. a YING bender is one who has mastered the technique of YINGing people.

see, ying
avatar- "im an air bender!"

me- "fuck you kid. im a YING bender! tremble before my great power!"

avatar- "ahhhhhhh!!"
by jAkE August 07, 2005
Chumble spuzz, is some unbeknownst wad of something that one finds in their pants, usually after strenuous work.
after i got home my the garbage-picking run, i found some chumble spuzz in my pants.
by jAkE March 10, 2005
7" dick, 11" vagina ===> vaginal fart (vart)
He did her doggie-style and when she lay on her back afterwards, she let out a huge gust of wind; he had pumped her full of air.
by Jake January 29, 2004
g unit AKA gorrilla unit used for random notations.
bob-thats cool!
fred- G UNIT!
randomly say g unit!!
by jake April 11, 2005
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