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636 definitions by Jake

the snail body that comes out of a snail shell. Looks like snot (a nose booger)
"Anyone care for escargot?"

"er, no thanks. I'll just pick my own..."
by Jake April 14, 2004
anthonys lifestyle choice
anthony is totally gaycore
by jake April 01, 2005
getting crunk has several meanings:
1.) to get banged up or damaged,
before throwing a punch: "get crunk bitch!
2.) to get drunk and/or stoned
"i'm getting crunk tonight"
3.) to have sex
"me and this bitch were gettin' crunk"
4.) to get excited
" i'm getting all crunk for this fight"

that's about it, get crunk!
i was goin out to get crunk, but someone stole my car
by jake August 04, 2004
Big buttoxed person
That girl is minal
by jake April 21, 2004
What comes out of your dick when you're having an orgasm
I squirted a cumshot on my girlfriend's tits right after I fucked her
by Jake February 16, 2003
G unit is a group containing 50 CENT, YOUNG BUCK, TONY YAYO, LLYOD BANKS, THE GAME... Best in the game dose not stand for Gangster Unit DOSE NOT
G Unit is the best nobody can even touch that crew.
by JAKE February 27, 2005
being cold; derived from the language Jag
"It's fuckin frill outside
by Jake January 09, 2005