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A schluter is someone who lies about carrying large guns or weapons,like an AK or a Bowie knife.It came from a german kid who came to are school who lied about bringin' a big gun to school but he lied.He said that just so he would not be picked on by us.(Schluter is a company who makes war styled model helicopters.
"Hey man do not mess with him he be totin""No man he a straight up schluter"
by Jake March 25, 2005
G unit is a group containing 50 CENT, YOUNG BUCK, TONY YAYO, LLYOD BANKS, THE GAME... Best in the game dose not stand for Gangster Unit DOSE NOT
G Unit is the best nobody can even touch that crew.
by JAKE February 27, 2005
being cold; derived from the language Jag
"It's fuckin frill outside
by Jake January 09, 2005
Vagina or pussy see kooter
James likes to play with Sissy's Funa
by jake December 03, 2004
What comes out of your dick when you're having an orgasm
I squirted a cumshot on my girlfriend's tits right after I fucked her
by Jake February 16, 2003
A term skiers often us to describe the snow type.
WOW that powder was gnar.
by jake February 08, 2003
A crazy awsome funky band that some kids from George School started. They lay down some of the the funkiest jams you should check em out.
Chris is the man, when it comes to layin down the funk man, i used to play with that fucker man
by jake January 01, 2005
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