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636 definitions by Jake

intercourse with a woman who is VERY fat. Lumps and bulges of fat all over her body. Not to be confused with a sealfuck
That Lucinda is a real great whalefuck but I wouldn't want to be seen with her on the street before or after
by Jake January 20, 2004
What you say when you just proved someone wrong.
"Griffey sucks." "Griffey rocks." *Griffey hits homer* "What now bitch?!"
by Jake March 05, 2005
1. anal suppository: small tapered plug of medication that is pressed up into the rectum thru the anus. May be compounded to relieve hemmorhoid pain or to deliver a drug which might attack the stomach lining such as a narcotic. Before the invention of ether, a cigar was inserted into the rectum of a non-smoker to dull the pain of abdominal surgery. An anal suppository is wax-like, formulated to melt at body temperature
2. vaginal suppository: small capsule-like plug of medication that is inserted into the vagina. Most common compounding is to treat a yeast infection. It is formulated to melt at body temperature
She thought she had a yeast infection so she got some suppositories from the chemist to treat it. They came with an insertion wand that made it easy to get them several inches up inside her vagina.
by Jake March 24, 2004
Someone who likes the dick.
You are such a D lover!
by Jake November 30, 2003
Often one will go out to eat at McDonalds, only for the mexican dude at the cash register to mess your order up. A McAsshole is the stupid guys at McDonalds behind the counter constantly messing peoples simple orders up.
A: Dude all I asked for was a friggin McSalad shaker and that McAsshole gave me chicken McNuggets!

B: Lets McJump him after his shift is over.

A: Good idea. In the mean time I'll go take a McShit.
by jAkE May 06, 2005
A person whom, for some reason or another, enjoys strapping jingle bells to their ballsack during sex, making a familiar holiday sound. Especially popular during the Christmas season.
Boy: Daddy! I think santa's at the Weinstein's house!

Dad: No son, Mr. Weinstein is just a fuck jingler.
by JakE May 06, 2007
a female that has an ass that looks like 2 basketballs are stuffed into the back of her pants.
Azalea down at HOME DEPOT sure has got basketball booty.
by Jake March 06, 2004