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a female that is fat, usually trying to be sexy.

See variations sealfuck, blubber fuck, blubberfuck, whalefuck or whale fuck. Not all fat chicks are just fat chicks, they are all attractive to someone depending upon their fat style.
We were cruising, finding nothing, then about 1 a.m. we ran into a group of 5 fat chicks. No need for one of us to fall on the grenade, we just each did one.
by Jake March 06, 2004
intercourse with a woman who has an even layer of fat all over her body (no lumps or bulges). Not to be confused with a whalefuck
That Jennifer is a great sealfuck, born to be ridden.
by Jake January 20, 2004
one who is obsessed with jesus
Run! The Jesusfreak Republicans are coming!
by Jake May 08, 2003
Gorgeous Australian singer with the best voice to ever grace the planet. Star of the musical "Grease".
Xanadu, Grease, Xanadude, Physical, Magic
by Jake February 02, 2005
a gent & his mates go to a mixed bar. A group of ladies flirt with them, but unfortunately one of the ladies is VERY ugly (for example, see whalefuck or sealfuck). She is "the grenade". Now, the chicks likely have a deal amongst themselves, if one isn't getting fucked, then they are all abstaining. It is the duty of one of the gents to "fall on the grenade" , that is, to fuck this dog of a coyote ugly chick
One Saturday night I fell on the grenade for my buddies and it turned out to be the hottest fuck I'd ever had. But I didn't want to ever be seen with her again.
by Jake January 20, 2004
An old term for making out!
"Ooo I caught ya'll neckin in the back of the truck!"
by Jake September 18, 2003
Often one will go out to eat at McDonalds, only for the mexican dude at the cash register to mess your order up. A McAsshole is the stupid guys at McDonalds behind the counter constantly messing peoples simple orders up.
A: Dude all I asked for was a friggin McSalad shaker and that McAsshole gave me chicken McNuggets!

B: Lets McJump him after his shift is over.

A: Good idea. In the mean time I'll go take a McShit.
by jAkE May 06, 2005
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