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1. Japanese for gold or silver lacquer, something that is used to varnish and coat wood. Using makie would give wood or whatever is being coated a very polished or lustrous sheen. This kind of lacquer is made especially from a Japanese tree, although there are other ways to make it.

2. Name for a girl synonymous with being happy, joyful, and care free. Supposedly, this is related to the other meaning of Makie because they can make it any bad situation seem better by adding a coat of shine.
-This box sure looks shiny for wood.

-That's because they used makie.

-Did you see Makie's gymnastic performance?
-Yeah, it was awesome! It felt so full of life.
by Jakabo July 23, 2011
1. A protective coating consisting of a resin, cellulose ester, or both, dissolved in a volatile solvent, sometimes with pigment added.

2. Any of various resinous varnishes, especially a resinous varnish obtained from a Japanese tree, Rhus verniciflua, used to produce a highly polished, lustrous surface on wood or the like.

3. Also called lacquer ware, especially of wood, coated with such a varnish, and often inlaid: They collected fine Oriental lacquers.
Did you add a coat of lacquer to that table?

This foreign lacquer sure was expensive.

Be careful! That's lacquer ware coated with gold flecks.
by Jakabo July 23, 2011

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