11 definitions by Jaja A

to be blatantly ignored by someone who knows you.
Girl: He walked by me without even saying anything.

Girl2: He totally just iced you.
by Jaja A January 22, 2010
My Fucking God.
Similar to omfg, without the O.
MFG, now she's trying to be nice to me?
by jaja a January 15, 2007
What president Bush is: A lie dispenser.
"lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie!"
Example 1: All that comes out of President Bush's mouth is lies!
Example 2: I have a Prez dispenser magnet on my fridge.
by Jaja A August 01, 2006
Anonymous stalker.
When you stalk someone without them knowing it.
I'm his as and he doesn't know it.
by jaja a September 07, 2006
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