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A highly liberal person (a democrat) who lives an upper-class (republican) lifestyle enabled by wealth. Holds philosophically correct liberal positions that they couldn't hold if they weren't so well protected and insulated (through their wealth and power) from the side-effects of those positions. Some common issues include: homeless rights, non-native species removal, etc.

Some Limosine Liberals are thoroughly conservative but publically liberal only in certain areas that are safe for them-- a classic example being: supporting arts organizations that present controversial art.

See: most local politicians in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Marin counties, California
Of course Holten thinks that new City housing shouldn't have parking requirements because cars are environmentally incorrect-- he's a Limosine Liberal who takes cabs everywhere.
by JaimeG June 22, 2007
Loser with whom you're friendly only because it is the charitable thing to do. Not a real friend. Secretly wish you weren't. In contrast to you, more brutal and decisive people don't have them on principle. Can be a significant risk for embarassment; the relationship is often secretive. Often, a Mercy Friend will be a blackbody.

synonym: Charity Case

coined 1978 by Jaime regarding John H.
A: Why you hanging out with that dweeb John?
B: He's just a Mercy Friend.
by JaimeG June 22, 2007
A person who sucks the social life out of a social interaction.

Etymology: From physics, where a blackbody is a solid from which no radiation reflects or escapes, black holes are the most familiar example. From optics, commonly implemented as a black velvet lined box with a small window, from which no projected light escapes. Conceptually similar to heatsink (thermodynamics) and ground (electronics). Coined in early 1980s by Cindy and Jaime.

Synonym: Emotional Vampire, coined by Andrzej
Your party was happenin' until that blackbody Jonathan showed up.
by JaimeG June 22, 2007
A Person who works extensively with a Cruise Director (a/k/a Social Planner) to find out his/her group's social plans, but does not, and never intended to, actually participate. Generally does this simultaneously with many different Cruise Directors to ensure his/her being included in several concurrent events.

The Plan Collector may run an internal algorithm to determine the "most fun" event, and go with that, or simply do nothing, resting assured that they could have done "something". May resurface, possibly years later, to ask how it went, and get details of the next event. Long term use of collected plan data is unknown and suspicious.

Etymology: coined by Cindy (2005), details contributed by Scott

Synonyms: Census Taker (coined by Scott)
Don't worry about Bob, he's a Plan Collector and won't actually join us.
by JaimeG June 22, 2007

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