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The Spinebuster is a professional wrestling move developed by Arn Anderson. It starts with a wrestler lifting his opponent with his arms with the opponent's gut on the wrestler's shoulder. From here, the wrestler spins 180 degrees, pulling his opponent's legs while apparently kneeling and pushing the opponent with his shoulder to slam the opponent by the back in the mat. This move is commonly used against charging opponents.

Other wrestlers do not spin 180 degrees and simply execute the slam. Due to this non-spinning version, to avoid confusion, the original Spinebuster is sometimes billed as the Spinning Spinebuster. There is also a Running Spinebuster, where a wrestler runs to an opponent, lifts the opponent up while running and slams him just like in the non-spinning Spinebuster.
Batista showed great raw power when he hit Viscera with a Spinebuster.
by Jaime Quevedo March 11, 2006

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