20 definitions by Jaime

farfanoogin is a meaning for a swear but u dont wanna say a bad word--or either a dumb word u say to make people piss there selves
by Jaime January 08, 2004
A simple description of the famous writer Angela J.C.!
That Angela, what a silly girl!
by jaime December 26, 2004
ha dumbass who thinks he's the shit and really isnt.... hella ugly
he is a fucking bro.
by jaime January 14, 2005
area between the scrotum and anus. See grundle, nifkin, taint, durf, etc.
Hey Colin, lick my tween!
by jaime September 17, 2004
something that makes you so sick, grossed out, or yucky.
really really old dishes in the sink
by Jaime September 25, 2003
noun;a very large crank, an unusually large penis or member found on a male
"Why Mr. Moore I can't take all of that. My gosh it's a Homewrecker!"
by Jaime March 03, 2005

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