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extremely foul smell from the bottom of the testes which results from streneous exercise, physical activity or yo nazzty ass hasnt bathed in a few
damn yo, you got sum nazzty nut funk, dawg
by jaime April 02, 2004
stupid ass redneck named joe
by Jaime April 28, 2003
acronym for "when the sun warms my window again." Fancy way to tell some one "goodnight" without actually typing "goodnight" or that long assed sentance. Used on aim. See also wthe
Me: time for bed
Me: wtswmwa
John: k
John: wthe
by Jaime April 19, 2004
A term used amongst Hobbits and adolescent males, to signify something as good.
That butt slut is rather pippinfresh in the sack.
by Jaime December 21, 2003
Super cool

Mix of the word Sloop, Rolly, Yerp, and Dibble.
He is so sloorollyerple
by Jaime March 23, 2005
Epithet used as a marketing ploy by certain so-called rappers with limited rhyming skills and a marked lack of creativity.
Damn I don't have an original point of view or any legitimate way to differentiate myself from lame ass Ja Rule. I know I'll write a weak ass song about him being a "wanksta" and make sure everyone knows that I got shot 9 times so as to distract white suburban kids from my sub par rhymes and have them all on my jock! Maybe someone who doesn't have the slightest idea about hip-hop will prematurely compare me to Tupac.
by Jaime February 24, 2004
A very fun virbating toy for a woman. Usually remote control. Can be worn anytime (in a class, walking the dog, etc.) Give you a very discreate way to have an orgasm with out a dildo, penis, or your fingers.
Alex: Is that cum on your pants Jaime?
Jaime: Yeah, I bought one of those "egg" things that you wear any time.
Alex: Got bored during that lecture?
Jaime: Hell ya! just reached in my pocket, flipped the switch to on, got wetter and wetter then finally, i cummed all over my pants.
by Jaime December 27, 2003
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