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A meal, usually breakfast, consumed by athletes consisting of oatmeal fortified with protein powder.
He eats proatmeal every day for breakfast. That dude's hardcore.
#protein powder #oatmeal #junk food #fast food #athlete
by Jagerman69 April 28, 2010
A woman who is highly attractive that one would desire to have sex with. In slang vernacular one would say "I'd hit that". Six five is a reference to a blackjack hand that adds up to eleven and would be advantageous to hit, as in the event of drawing a face card one could have blackjack.
That girl is a six five. I'd hit that.
#hit that #hit it #black jack #deuce #dime
by jagerman69 April 17, 2010
The ability to know the sender of a text or the contents of a text message while ones phone is in a pocket, bag, purse, etc, and out of sight.
"Oh man Julie is texting me again"

"How do you know? Your phone is in your pocket. What do you have, textray vision?"
#text ray vision #text message #sms #cellular #cell phone
by Jagerman69 July 14, 2012
combination of clit and crypt, referring to the clitoris of a very old woman. Also can indicate a woman who is sexually past her prime.
Man, that clypt is so ancient it has liver spots

I'd hit that twenty years ago, but I wouldn't touch that clypt now.
#clit #old woman #cougar #patter #sexual organ
by Jagerman69 March 12, 2012
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