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The act of justifying why you fucked someone that you probably shouldn't have...
For justifuckation, I only slept with him because we had a game of put-put riding on it, and I lost.
by Jager-Bomber April 19, 2010
When you are a guy and you have a friend that is a female version of yourself, she is your Feme.
My friend Kim is the same person as me but a girl. She is my Feme.
by Jager-Bomber March 20, 2010
When you're a girl and you have a friend who is a male version of yourself - he is your Heme.
My friend Ben is the same person as me but a guy. He is my Heme.
by Jager-Bomber March 20, 2010
(pronounced Dicks-less-i-a) To pronounce words in a backwards manor; Dyslexia of the speech...
You always mix up your words and pronounce them backwards. You must have dyxlesia.
by Jager-Bomber March 13, 2010
A chain, rope or string to which one attaches their phone and wears around the neck so as not to lose it in a drunken stupor.
Make sure you have your phonecklace so you don't lose your phone again!
by Jager-Bomber March 02, 2010
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