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Slave driving route sales distribution company offering Noveltys and general merchandise to the C store market via route slavesmen (salesmen).
I just spent an hour setting up that Novelty floor display, one down, eight more to go! And I get to do it all over again tomorrow! starting at 4:00am.
by Jag III November 13, 2004
Adorable nick name usually accompanied by a beautiful girl.
Dang...that Lexie's got style man!
by Jag III November 14, 2004
Possibly the worst lights and sirens manufacturer ever.
Cheesy led's that consist of a few dim diodes more suitable for a childs toy.

And a siren "wail" that has to be the most goofy half job sounding wail going.

For the most part, a product downright embarrasing for any public safety official.
Did you hear the wail on that Able 2 siren?
Sounds straight out of loony tunes!

Wait! is that a police car behind me? No..no it's probably just the reflection of a really dim lit chrismas tree shining on the squad car.
But whats that sound?????? Someone must have loony tunes turned on somewhere...I think I can hear bugs bunny.
by Jag III November 13, 2004
Cute cuddly adorable.
Word derived from Joey G.'s original language.
What a qualog Shelley is. She is the original qualog...
by Jag III November 13, 2004
Parent to child gibberish.
I'm feeling childish I think i'll say; Supercalifragilistikexbealadocious
by Jag III November 14, 2004
The bar seen atop emergency vehicles that and service vehicles that flashes color(s) to warn oncoming motorists.
Pull over for that ambulance see the red flashing light bar?
Better turn on the lights we have a 10-26 at 35th and Lennox proceed code 3.
by Jag III November 13, 2004
A mobile radio frequency scanner made for mounting in the trunk of a vehicle.
I just purchsed a new trunk tracker. It's digital and has 1000 channels.
by Jag III November 14, 2004

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