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Giving every person a fixed official amount of certain sorts of food, fuel or clothing, when they are in short supply.

In times of war, people need rationing.
by Jafje May 10, 2007

Dialect spoken in areas of The Netherlands (aka Holland) that are close to the German boarder, also spoken in areas of Germany that are close to the Dutch boarder.

Nedersaksisch is a dialect that's a combination of the Dutch and German languages.
by Jafje May 05, 2007
Abbr. is the abbreviation of "abbreviation".


Types of abbreviations:

There are four main kinds of abbreviations: shortenings, contractions, initialisms, and acronyms. 1 Shortenings of words usually consist of the first few letters of the full form and are usually spelled with a final period when they are still regarded as abbreviations, for example, cont. = continued, in = inch. In the cases when they form words in their own right, the period is omitted, for example, hippo = hippopotamus, limo = limousine. Such shortenings are often but not always informal. Some become the standard forms, and the full forms are then regarded as formal or technical, for example, bus = omnibus, taxi = taxicab, deli = delicatessen, zoo = zoological garden. Sometimes shortenings are altered to facilitate their pronunciation or spelling: bike = bicycle2 Contractions are abbreviated forms in which letters from the middle of the full form have been omitted, for example, Dr. = doctor, St. = saint or street. Such forms are invariably followed by a period. Another kind of contraction is the type with an apostrophe marking the omission of letters: can't = cannot, didn't = did not, you've = you have. 3 Initialisms are made up of the initial letters of words and are pronounced as separate letters: CIA (or C.I.A.), NYC, pm (or p.m.), U.S. (or US). Practice varies with regard to periods, with current usage increasingly in favor of omitting them, especially when the initialism consists entirely of capital letters. 4 Acronyms are initialisms that have become words in their own right, or similar words formed from parts of several words. They are pronounced as words rather than as a series of letters, for example, AIDS, laser, scuba, UNESCO, and do not have periods. In many cases the acronym becomes the standard term and the full form is only used in explanatory contexts.

An abbr. is a shortened form of a word or phrase.
by Jafje September 01, 2007

Abbreviation: VS.

1. Against someone or something, especially in a competition or court case.

2. Alternative to something: as opposed to or contrasted with such considerations as money versus job satisfaction.

The Germans lost in the match versus the Netherlands.
by Jafje September 01, 2007

Depletion of oxygen in water:

The process by which a body of water becomes rich in dissolved nutrients from fertilizers or sewage, thereby encouraging the growth and decomposition of oxygen-depleting plant life and resulting in harm to other organisms.

If they keep dumping so much sewage water in the river, eutrophication will be so bad that you won't be able to see through the algea.

Eutrophication = bad

Def by Juliette
by Jafje June 28, 2007
A polder is a low-lying tract of land that forms an artificial hydrological entity, enclosed by embankments known as dikes.

The best-known examples are those polders that constitute areas of land reclaimed from a body of water, such as a lake or the sea, and are consequently below the surrounding water level.

This requires drainage by pumps to prevent the water table within the polder from rising too high. Some can be drained by opening sluices at low tide.

Polders are most commonly found, though not exclusively so, in river deltas, former fenlands and coastal areas. The Netherlands is frequently associated with polders: 'God created the world except for the Netherlands. The Dutch took it from the sea’.

The Dutch have a long history of reclamation of marshes and fenland, not only within their country but also abroad. About half of all polderland within northwest Europe is located within the Netherlands. The first embankments in Europe were constructed in Roman times. The first polders were constructed in the 11th century. This also leads to the expression used to describe Dutch decision making - the Polder Model.

The Netherlands is frequently associated with polders: 'God created the world except for the Netherlands. The Dutch took it from the sea’.
by Jafje June 14, 2007

Bubble-like structures in the lungs where gas exchange between the air and blood occurs.

Everyone has alveolus in their body.
by Jafje May 10, 2007