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1 definition by Jael_601

Stupid, ignorant person who doesn't know a thing about the rest of the world.
Thinks the USA is the best and only civilized country in the world. Doesn't know geography or any other language than English (they can't even spell correct in English).
An American teen can't think without categorizing everything. He/she cannot think outside of the box. They absolutely need to be part of some kind of group: emo's, indie kids, scenesters, valley girls. They make EVERYTHING mainstream.
Think they are really cool and 'different' when they 'go backpacking through Europe' for the summer.
They're highly uneducated.
American teen:
Is Belgium a part of Germany?
Isn't Europe, like, full of small countries and cathedrals?

European person:
you're stupid. I know tons of things about your country AND I speak your language and haven't got a clue about Europe?!
by Jael_601 May 09, 2008