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A person who knowingly uses someone, but refuses to show or admit it to others.
Person1: Have you said the real truth, that you don't like the family?

Person2: What are you talking about? I love hanging out with the family ;-)

Person1: We both know your a Fake-Facer, just admit it.
by JADS February 03, 2012
acts that are performed with a high resemblance to canine mannerisms, particularly concerning simulation of rear-mounted intercourse.
i shagged that bitch over the balcony. doggy fashion
by jads June 09, 2008
when you think some one is cool as a friend or to hang around. but you do not find them sexually attractive.
Bob: hey I saw you had a new girl named renae at your work? I seen her from a distance walking into you office. is she hot up close?

Rob: Let's just say shes a nice person....

Bob: ohhh so she is actually kind of cool to be around and shes nice and stuff but you'd never bump uglies with her coz she isnt the best looker?

Rob: thats exactly what I mean Bob. you hit the nail on the head buddy. I wouldnt engage in anything more serious than a casual joke or chate with Renae.

Bob: Well fair enough Rob some people like different things!!

Rob: What are you trying to say shes attractive!?!?

Bob: No that isnt what I meant... I mean I guess I wouldn't say no if she was laying there with her legs spread all over the place?.... you know?

Rob: no I don't fucking know asshole, she is just a nice person! thats all she will ever be! you fucking dipshit! shes a NICE PERSON! you wouldn't touch her even if she did have her cunt lips spread for you to insert your penis into!

Bob: well i donno Bob. I guess you could be right. she isnt that attractive maybe.

Rob: no she isnt you fucking ballbag piece of shit! get away from me before i throw this handfull of smashed assholes at you. get fucked!

Bob: man why do you have to be so violent. your always getting so worked up and angry at me. what is a handful of smashed ass holes anyway?

Rob: yeah sorry man I know. i have this fucked up disease where I chuck the shits for no reason.

Bob: So you gonna introduce me to that new bird or what?

Rob: get fucked you stupid cunt. go and do a summersault through the air and dissapear up your own asshole.
by Jads August 04, 2008
what you do to a girl in front of her friends and family
Disgrace that bitch on the kitchen counter. its all shes worth. make sure her parents are watching
by Jads July 14, 2008
The life support system of the vagina
my girlfriend is something to put my penis in
by Jads August 31, 2008

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