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When a woman wears a scimpy top in arctic conditions. "Chapel Hat-Pegs" springs to mind, but not quite as prominent.
Look at those Scania wheeelnuts, it must be bloody cold outside.
by Jadio August 14, 2003
The slippy slidy stuff that makes aan easy entry to the pink run. Let it drip on your face and it dries like stale scabs, (AND SMELLS WORSE)
She sat on my face and encrusted ny nose in fanny batter
by Jadio August 14, 2003
A thick tart who likes the taste but is not presentable to your mates. (Mentally, cos physically they would. Wouldn't they? I did!
My last shag was a bit of a fuck trumpet so I had to dump her as soon as she opened her mouth. (What a shame.)
by jadio August 14, 2003
Term sometimes used for an exit hole frequented by pork swordsmen. Can also refer to a female brown starfish. Ringpiece.
She touched her toes whist he slammed it up her scutter
by jadio August 15, 2003
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