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Mayday (Wu Yue Tian) is one of the most popular rock bands of Taiwan. Its members are Ashin (lead vocalist), Masa (bass), Ming (drummer), Monster (guitar), and Stone (guitar).
A favorite of Taiwan's nascent rock scene in the mid to late-1990s, Mayday catapulted to fame following their Golden Melody nomination for Best Band in 2000. Though they lost the award that year, a contract they inked with Rock Records, the nation's largest label for rock music, gave them the marketing muscle they needed to start selling records on the same scale as perennially favorite pop stars like Lee Hom Wong, Eason Chan and David Tao. They've since become one of Taiwan's only million-selling rock bands, behind Wu Bai and China Blue, and they've taken home their own Golden Melody awards for Best Band and Best Video and even had a Taipei City Honor award bestowed on them by Mayor Ma Ying-jeou.

("Who said Mayday was a sellout?" by David Momphard, Taipei Times, Friday, Jan 07, 2005)
by Jadespacy February 06, 2005

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