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- myspace whores are mostly girls..
usually have new pics of them selves daily... have a million friends and dont know half of them... think myspace is some kind of popularity contest... they usually post bulletins saying comment my pics or im hungry for comments. go on my space every 2 mins to check if they have new comments.. take pictures of themselves in the mirror ... have a need to be on everyones top eight... need to keep commenting everyone just to be someones last comment... say things like im soo cool , im raddd ... usuallyy write all of there friends names under who id like too meett... basically there insecure annoying bitches that want to seem cool ;) ; every scene person has one
your all such myspace whores!
by jadeee January 24, 2006
Some who is soo hood, black people question their race.She is so fly, no lie, you deff. should know this!Yeah and shes got big boobs&&booty so that might help when the boys stare.
Boy 1-Dannnng booooOIoiOioIIII!!!
Did you see Sanja Alic today???

Boy 2-Wait that really flylylylylylylyly girl
with the big booty???

boy 1-Oh yeahh dont forget the boobies,
motar boating material!!!

Boy 2- Yeah i saw her, shes cool.

The End!
by Jadeee May 07, 2008

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