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Term from Star Trek. A word in the Vulcan vocabulary used to describe Kirk and Spock's relationship as friends and "brothers". Later defined as having the triple meaning of friends/brothers/lovers.
Creator Gene Roddenberry uses t'hy'la as the Vulcan equivalent of "friend".
#star trek #spock #kirk #brothers #friends #vulcan
by JadeRzeznic May 10, 2009
The name for the romantic relationship between Hayner and Seifer (two residents of Twilight Town) in the video game Kingdom Hearts II. Created by fans, it is not canon, but closer to a crack pairing. Also known as SeiferxHayner.
There are really not enough Seiner fanfictions out there.
#hayner #seifer #kingdom hearts #twilight town #crack ship
by JadeRzeznic March 02, 2009
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