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The main character in the Twilight saga, AKA he most annoying bitch in popular English literature. She's whiney, shallow, has a superiority complex, and is a necrophiliac.

She's also a Mary Sue that most people love anyway.
Twilight Fangirl: I wish I was Bella Swan!

Sane Person: Why? You want to be a shallow, two-faced bitch?
by JadeHeartOfFire March 21, 2009
A 108 year old virgin that's the second main character in the Twilight saga. He sparkles in the sun, is a abusive to his "mate" (the bitch known as Bella Swan), and is overly lovey-dovey and boring. Many Twilight fangirls think he's hot, but he makes sane people want to vomit. He claims to be a vampire, but since vampires don't sparkle, he's most likely some species of gay fairy.
Twilight Fangirl: I want to marry Edward Cullen! Don't you?

Sane Person: Sorry, I don't do sparkly retards.
by JadeHeartOfFire March 21, 2009
A term originating from a Let's Play of the video game Virtual Bart, it means punching a woman in the breasts.
"I always love decking the sisters. That's my favorite."
- Northernlion
by jadeheartoffire December 26, 2012
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