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Shortened version of nigger.
1. What's up my nig?
2. What it do my nig?
by Jade Grey May 16, 2005
Another way of using the term clique. Sets are hand signs or words used to represent your hood, friends, etc.
"Throw your mothafuckin' sets up high in the sky."- Lil' Jon
by Jade Grey May 17, 2005
A term that means ugly, unattractive, looking a hot mess, or not pretty. This term is used in place of ugly.

I heard "damn through" in Huntsville, Alabama.
"Man she damn through."
by Jade Grey May 17, 2005
Oral Sex; head; face; dat work
"Put yo mouth on the dick, give me Georgia Dome."
by Jade Grey May 17, 2005
1. Oral sex; head, dome; face
2. Weed, cocaine, etc. <ya dope boyz>
1. "Dat shawty give that work.
2. "Man Danny got dat work."
by Jade Grey May 17, 2005

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