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Evil, or bloodthirsty or something like tht
Vlad Dracul, yes tht was his REAL name. Vlad the Evil
by Jade May 10, 2004
verb - he she it is an egg.
comes from the latin bumeus eggeus. is an extreme of the formal insult egg. taken that they are not only of a geeky persuasion but raises some question of their sexual preferance. may be used in many circles.
"Bill, can i have your rubber to erase this drawing of a penis?"
"No, because you will most likely lose it"
"hmmph! your such a bum egg!"
by jade October 19, 2004
asking someone out without knowing them very well, scaring Jade, being a perverted creep.
Dylan, stay away from me ur skeezing me out!
by Jade December 13, 2003

Actually, I associate this word with humor. It is just to funny. I mean. LISTEN TO IT: Angst.
Tibby called Mike an 'Angstaa Gangstaa', and I could not control my laughter in the least.
by Jade November 13, 2004
1. all-time winningest franchise in US professional sports and buyers of 27 World Series championships (one was shipped to the wrong address and never returned)
2. an identified crime family centered in New York state
3. (chiefly Bostonian) (considered vulgar) see shit
The Boss "silenced" all investigators who dared search into the affairs of the Yankees.
by Jade December 08, 2003
hott missionaries for the mormon (LDS) church. They use the name elder before their last name while they're on their missions: elder <last name>.
by Jade August 21, 2005
In one word: Painful.
1. As my grandmother turned on her country-music radio station, my ears started to bleed.

2. "If the Devil Danced in Empty Pockets, He'd have a ball in mine."
by Jade November 13, 2004
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