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Donkeyhotey is the name of a really weird guy that is old and rides a horse.
Last time we went to 7-11, Donkeyhotey was sitting on his wreck of a horse, drinking Colt .45 and raving about earmites or something.
by Jacques Asse June 12, 2009
A tit blaster is a guy who runs around with a large knitting needle, popping augmented breasts like balloons.
Phred is an accomplished tit blaster.
by Jacques Asse April 23, 2009
A nutbuster plus is a fat chick who likes it on top, and gets into it so much that she generates additional inertia and momentum and completely flattens your balls.
Psarah, who weighs about 563.4 pounds when dry, is an absolute nutbuster plus.
by Jacques Asse April 23, 2009
A glasshole is a galactic asshole, also known as A Great Asshole in the Sky.
George W, the dipshit, galasshole of the century.
by Jacques Asse February 17, 2009
Sexicide refers to the process by which young nymphmaniac sluts intentionally kill old senile rich guys by fucking them to death.
Anna killed Bob by terminal sexicide.
by Jacques Asse February 10, 2009
Urbanisting = urban fisting, the process whereby urban thugs and pimps and other reprobates competitively rap and jive and debase the English language in a mockery of human speech.
Fitty cent an Dat thug wuz urbanisting upin da hood yestaday.
by Jacques Asse February 10, 2009
A conspicuous black male, with no visible lips or hair, who wears pants around his knees, backwards, backwards baseball caps, and North Carolina or Michigan basketball jerseys, reeking of fake cologne.
Bodean was a complete thugger and dressed the part.
by Jacques Asse February 05, 2009

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