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141 definitions by Jacques Asse

Dirk's Diggler is a small Jewish penis that leaves its owner at night, roaming the landscape, moaning and screaming like a little piglet.
Phred and me were walking home across the Moors, and we were suddenly confronted by Dirk's Diggler, who started screaming at us in a shrill voice full of gloom and whiskey. We ran.
by Jacques Asse June 25, 2009
A tit blaster is a guy who runs around with a large knitting needle, popping augmented breasts like balloons.
Phred is an accomplished tit blaster.
by Jacques Asse April 23, 2009
The process of victimizing a deserving enemy who shafted you in some way. Should be disproportionate in revenge severity.
Jacques Asse goatfucked Phred by riveting his cars doors shut in response to a verbal slight.
by Jacques Asse January 30, 2009
Joebama is the hybrid formed when Blackass sticks his tongue and head up Jew

LIEberman's ass and merges with him, becoming one with the Jew.

Blackass is the most Jewish nigger you will EVER see.
They OWN him! If you look closely at Blackass, you will see his license and

registration indicate Jewish ownership.

Joebama. The best Jewish nigger money can buy.
by Jacques Asse January 19, 2010
Donkeyhotey is the name of a really weird guy that is old and rides a horse.
Last time we went to 7-11, Donkeyhotey was sitting on his wreck of a horse, drinking Colt .45 and raving about earmites or something.
by Jacques Asse June 12, 2009
A nutbuster plus is a fat chick who likes it on top, and gets into it so much that she generates additional inertia and momentum and completely flattens your balls.
Psarah, who weighs about 563.4 pounds when dry, is an absolute nutbuster plus.
by Jacques Asse April 23, 2009
Chicken breast meat in Harlem.
Yo dog, give me some titty chicken.
by Jacques Asse February 05, 2009