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Godfuckers are trollish little uneducated boors that "believe" in "god", on the basis of no evidence, statistics, or even precum.
Godfuckers are STOOPID
#jew #turd #evil #owner #bastards
by Jacques Asse January 15, 2010
Sarahstan is that cold, northern frontier land, near the Yukon, from whence Sarah the Palien was belched forth upon an innocent, unsuspecting world.

A land of vampires and demons and weird, twisted freakazoid white trash, Sarahstan is a vast arctic fortress of evil.
Watch it, asshole, or we'll send you to Sarahstan, land of bears and Eskimos and the neverending Darkness of the Palien.
#palin #bristol #ass #fuck #rapist
by Jacques Asse December 29, 2009
Asshole Lessons are special preparatory courses given to douche bags.

Your boss had the whole lot of them.
Jesus, you flippin' ballsacker, what? Have you been taking ASSHOLE LESSONS?

You're, like. the World Champion of sphincters.
#ass #fuck #porn #anal #sodomy
by Jacques Asse October 16, 2009
Dirk's Diggler is a small Jewish penis that leaves its owner at night, roaming the landscape, moaning and screaming like a little piglet.
Phred and me were walking home across the Moors, and we were suddenly confronted by Dirk's Diggler, who started screaming at us in a shrill voice full of gloom and whiskey. We ran.
#duck #fisting #sluts #jacques #phred
by Jacques Asse June 25, 2009
An austrigger is an Australian nigger, someone white who acts black by wearing his pants around his knees, lots of gold-plate chains, over-sized watches and sunglasses, etc.
Walkabout guys are often austriggers, pretending to be black instead of Australian or Aborigine. Crying shame.
#australian #ostritch #nigger #dumb #old
by Jacques Asse July 07, 2010
da RuleZ these little traditions that people used to follow but now freely ignore.

Like how black thugletes and golfsters have legions of white sluts.
da RuleZ no longer apply.
#nigger #iowa #natural #native #blackass
by Jacques Asse January 13, 2010
Revenge fisting is when you get your cheatin' ho girlfriend drunk, and when she is all hot and sticky, you shove your fist in her snatch.

You don't tell her beforehand that you've taped your hand and covered it with glue and sand.
She did WHAT? with WHOM?

Tonight, I am revenge fisting the cheap slut.
#feminist #doggie #butt #grunts #anal
by Jacques Asse December 01, 2009
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