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A codomite is a person who fucks fish.
Phred got busted by the cods for being a serial codomite.
by Jacques Asse April 22, 2009
The redass is a feeling of hideous jealousy and rage that occurs when you smell some other guy on your chick's vadge.
Phred got the redass when he could tell Frodo Jones had where he should'nt have been.
by Jacques Asse April 07, 2009
An American businessman, so named for the habit of bending over backwards and inserting their crania into their anal orifices.
Once Jack was promoted he got to be a true asshead, even though he already knew the moves.
by Jacques Asse February 05, 2009
Living Dead Jew is a very cool song by Knob Zombie about a demonoid phenomenon involving a zombie Jewish banker brought back to life by money.
Living Dead Jew!

Wage in the cage
And money on the stage
There's only one sure way
To bring the dollar down
Defunct the banks
Of sentimental cranks
With one little pinky
On the Jew's little dinky.

Run on me
Bank it for me
Steal it from me
Living Dead Jew

Run on me
Bank it for me
Steal it from me
Living Dead Jew

by Jacques Asse December 01, 2009
The Breastival is the never-ending show of awesome titties and juggies and breasties all over the world.
More and younger girls join the Breastival every day, and it is a GOOD thing.
by Jacques Asse June 11, 2009
Sexicide refers to the process by which young nymphmaniac sluts intentionally kill old senile rich guys by fucking them to death.
Anna killed Bob by terminal sexicide.
by Jacques Asse February 10, 2009
When girls wear tight bras that push their tiny tits together into one actual breasts.
Faleesha has a unitit.
by Jacques Asse February 05, 2009
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