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A slanger is a cominbined noun, slut + banger, referring to one who bangs sluts, like Lou Ferigno.
Lou is a slanger, and has many sluts.
by Jacques Asse April 07, 2009
A Welsh rabbit is when someone creeps quietly up in a bunny suit and knocks: thump thump thump!

And then tells you: "Get out of here! You can't come back forever!"
We were settling in for some buttplay when


"Get out of here! You can't come back forever!"

We got a Welsh rabbit.
by Jacques Asse June 25, 2009
Manscara is what men put on their eyelashes to make the look fuller, usually these are faggoty-ass metro Emo dudes with extremely small dicks.
Phred wears a lot of manscara.
by Jacques Asse April 07, 2009
A chucker is a chimp fucker, someone who ass-rapes chimpanzees.
Doug finally went round the bend, and gave in to his inner urges to be a chimp-fucking chucker.
by Jacques Asse April 21, 2009
An uma is the black hole the other socks and underwear fall in when you can only find one in the dryer.
OMG.....I lost even more socks in the Uma....Thurman, not stirred.
by Jacques Asse May 05, 2009
A punt refers to a "pizza cunt", which happens when a woman stuffs herself with too much pepperoni and cheese and then gets in a tanning bed to make a human calzone.
The tanning salon attendant found that Sheila had punted while tanning.
by Jacques Asse April 07, 2009
new boobs
Christa liked showing off her shiny little noobs.
by Jacques Asse February 10, 2009

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