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A Bagielo is a misunderstood idiot, someone lacking any sense of humor who nonetheless tries to post UD entries. A Bagielo will often verbally assault you for no reason at all, pretending he has moderator or administrative powers, when the only power he has consists in shoving plastic objects up his ass.
Bagielo will try to insult you, and likely bloody himself up in the process.
by Jacques Asse June 16, 2009
Homey Jones is the Original (tm) blafrican niggemon from the cartoons.
Homey Jones gives all of us a bad name.
by Jacques Asse April 23, 2009
A tit blaster is a guy who runs around with a large knitting needle, popping augmented breasts like balloons.
Phred is an accomplished tit blaster.
by Jacques Asse April 23, 2009
Urbanisting = urban fisting, the process whereby urban thugs and pimps and other reprobates competitively rap and jive and debase the English language in a mockery of human speech.
Fitty cent an Dat thug wuz urbanisting upin da hood yestaday.
by Jacques Asse February 10, 2009
A man dressed in a sheet, pretending to be a ghost, with his penis protruding from the sheet, looking for random women to stealth sodomize.
"Sally, walking home from the library, stopped by the coffee shop, and was assaulted (quite well) in the alley by the local phantom buttfucker."
by Jacques Asse October 15, 2008
The Crime President is PreZ Blackass, Barack Jewbama Joebama Obamama.

He is basically a titanic Jew with hair glued all over his face.
Blackass is the world's first Crime President, elected by honest, law-abiding Murkans, to lie them to sleep every night with colossal lies about Sugarcandy Mountain, the great future paradise behind the clouds.

Blackass grins when he tells this lie.
by Jacques Asse January 19, 2010
Before you join our little club, you cannot beat midwives with impunity.

If we allow you to join and induct you, you will be granted your Totin Chip, whereby you may beat midwives with impunity. Reducing their faces to rubble and hamburger.

It's a guy thing.
The Joys of Midwife Beating make the world a sunny place!
by Jacques Asse December 28, 2009

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