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The Crime President is PreZ Blackass, Barack Jewbama Joebama Obamama.

He is basically a titanic Jew with hair glued all over his face.
Blackass is the world's first Crime President, elected by honest, law-abiding Murkans, to lie them to sleep every night with colossal lies about Sugarcandy Mountain, the great future paradise behind the clouds.

Blackass grins when he tells this lie.
by Jacques Asse January 19, 2010
Jewbris is Jewish hubris. A condition of Jewish "pride" despite the fact that Jews are the most despised race ever belched forth upon Planet Earth.
Heeb Goldrubyberg's ridiculous self-adoration and intense pride in the small, dusty cuntry of Israel indicate the extent of his jewbris.

He needs a heebectomy.
by Jacques Asse January 05, 2010
Before you join our little club, you cannot beat midwives with impunity.

If we allow you to join and induct you, you will be granted your Totin Chip, whereby you may beat midwives with impunity. Reducing their faces to rubble and hamburger.

It's a guy thing.
The Joys of Midwife Beating make the world a sunny place!
by Jacques Asse December 28, 2009
Donkeyhotey is the name of a really weird guy that is old and rides a horse.
Last time we went to 7-11, Donkeyhotey was sitting on his wreck of a horse, drinking Colt .45 and raving about earmites or something.
by Jacques Asse June 12, 2009
Jewsting = jew-fisting. The process of fisting Jewish American princesses.
Since JAPs have the tightest assholes (now you know where they make diamonds) in the world, sometimes it's a good idea to buy a bunch of butter and Astroglide and to go Jewsting. Nothing quite like it. You can even wave the smaller ones around in the air with your fist up their ass.
by Jacques Asse June 10, 2009
A shit witch is a girl that is cute, rich, and popular but behaves in the most ugly of manners. Shit witches are tasked by the Devil with making the world a much worse place.
Wendy is a shit witch, dude. It's just the way it is.
by Jacques Asse June 04, 2009
The process of vomiting.
Phred had a bit too much to drink last night, thus went Up the Rabbit Hole.

Drunk bastard.
by Jacques Asse June 02, 2009
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