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Talentless woman who claims to be "from the block" when in fact, she was too middle class to be considered from the block. A so-so looking broad with a big ass and no tits who MOST likely slept her way to the top. Mariah Carey's long-standing rival.... Mariah Carey's rival I shudder at such thought... both talentless, greedy, self-centered whores.
The woman Ben Affleck left for the more talented, lovable, sexier, down-to-earth Jennifer Garner.
Crazy, demanding bitch who was walking around as if she were gonna give birth to the messiah.
Nowadays is Mrs. Zombie Skeletor... (she's married to Marc Anthony who left a former Miss Universe for her.... go figure).
Jennifer Lopez was way too fucking out of her mind so Ben Affleck left her ass a few weeks before the spectacle of a wedding she was planning.
by JacquelineBollinger April 22, 2008
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