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-boxy, boxish

1. Aaron Rogers.
2. Lack of a personality.
1. To run into a pole.
1."Oh my God! He is SUCH a Carboard Box!"

2. "Did you see Box today?

3. "I can't believe he boxed his car!"
by Jacque L'Poot February 07, 2005
E. Christopher Dunn.

(see also: E.z0r; Christoz0rpher; you've been DUNN)
Sentence: When speaking to ECD, one could say something such as, "Fine, don't like my excuse. Puta."
by Jacque L'Poot May 03, 2005
Verb: Something one -especially Chris Dunn- can say after banging.
1. "You've been Dunn."
by Jacque L'Poot February 07, 2005

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