13 definitions by Jacon (jay-son)

1. v.nt. to ejaculate in general, or specifically, in one's underwear, on one's face, or elsewhere.

2. n. euphamism for semen (along with cum, jizz, gravy, spooge, nectar, &c. ad nauseam)
1. The tit-flick got me so turned on I creamed my shorts.

2. Michael swallowed all of Bill's tasty cream.
by Jacon (jay-son) August 23, 2003
slang for the female sexual organ, i.e., the vagina
Jack rammed his prick in and out of Sally's cha-cha.
by Jacon (jay-son) August 22, 2003
1. Moronic variants of common vulgarities, such as friggin', shiot, biotch, etc. (Sometimes incorrectly referred to ghetto slang).

2. Moronic concoctions that pass as language in systems such as "rap ebonics". "Fo' shizzle my nizzle," and all its relative -izzle cognates are idiot speak.

3. Any locution of George W. Bush, or any other Republican.
1. "That friggin' biotch ate my friggin' shiot," said Dellas, referring to her missing homework. After giving her a good beating, the teacher forbade her to use such idiot speak.

2. Snoop Dog regularly uses idiot speak.

3. The State of the Union address for 2003 was nothing but idiot speak.
by Jacon (jay-son) August 24, 2003
Marijauna, i.e., pot; usually, of a less effectual sort. Low buzz factor.
I'm buzzin' on oompa-loompa's wiener
by Jacon (jay-son) August 22, 2003
the act of masturbating a canine specifically, or masturbating in general
Marcus played red rocket with the pooch 'til it came.
by Jacon (jay-son) August 22, 2003
I came, I saw, I conquered.

I came, I saw, I fucked.
I came, I saw, I came.
Oh, baby, veni, vidi, vici!
by Jacon (jay-son) August 22, 2003

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