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2 definitions by Jacoby805

After a night of excessive drinking,chow bile is the flaming hot acid that comes up after hittin tha kush too hard in the morning.
I was so fuckin chowed last night,at one point the chow bile was so bad it knocked ya boy to his knees<damb near busted an M.J.
by Jacoby805 September 20, 2009
Usually only associated with chowaholics,busting an M.J is when your chowing back playin some gears of war online or what not,and you take a mean ol' drink off your beer and that shit goes down the wrong pipe,dropping you to your knees in fear of a heart attack.
Sunday at the park,we were grillin and chowchillin,gettin chowed like we do,we decided to play some football,after about three plays,i thought i was about to straight bust an M.J.,no joke!
by Jacoby805 September 20, 2009