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2 definitions by Jacob Shelton

Born Gary Lee Weinrib

Bassist, vocalist, and keyboardist for the progressive rock group, Rush.

Born in Ontario Canada in 1955 where he played with his friend Alex Zijonivich (Lifeson)

Worked in his mother's hardware store

Fender Precision Bass
Rickenbacker 4001
Rickenbacker 4003
Rickenbacker 4080
Fender Jazz Bass
Jaco Pastorius Signature Jazz Bass

Wrote lyrics for Rush on their first album, "Rush"

Distinct Cream influenced style which progressed to his signature driving A string sound with fills and bass chords
Geddy Lee was in the band Rush with Alex Lifeson and John Rutsey, but Rutsey disliked touring and had diabetes so Neil Peart came along.
by Jacob Shelton December 19, 2007
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When a man crawls into a womens vagina leaving only his penis sticking out making her look like she has a penis, the the male inside the female fornicates with another female.
Dude I a-bombed that chick
by Jacob Shelton December 19, 2007
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