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The act of joyful wooting when something is accomplished

Being in a constant state of woot and happiness
1.Wootness! I finally found the legendary -1 stage in Super Mario Bros.

2. He's been in wootness mode for an hour now, think we should tell him I slept with his sister yet?
by Jacob Ritz May 14, 2006
Blowing chunks out your ass after eating a volatile substance, usually a few bean burritos or any product from taco bell.
Dude, I shouldn't have ate those burritos, I blew asschunks all night.
Don't use that restroom! Someone blew asschunks in there and it reeks!
I don't want to eat taco bell man, it gives me serious asschunks whenever i do...
by Jacob Ritz December 03, 2005
A man or woman who gulps cum for a living, also used as an insult.
My nehgbor's supposedly a cumgulper...

You knocked over my soda you cumgulper!

Hey, I'm a cumgulper and i can get you a discount price.
by Jacob Ritz October 02, 2005
A man who appraises the value of people's asses, can be found working street corners late at night.
I got appraised at an ass monger and my ass is worth a bag of chips!

The local ass monger got arrested last night, now I'll never know how much it's worth...

Why are all the ass mongers here naked?
by Jacob Ritz October 03, 2005
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