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1 definition by Jacob Haggard

Also known as "The Human Flesh-light", the "Vice-Grip" was invented.. and perfected, by a Canadian punk band called "Vices, live in 3D!"

What it consists of, is grabbing the girl, (Or guy, whichever is closer), tightly by the throat with both hands and thrusting the receiver balls-deep down the shaft of one's penis, repeatedly, much like you would with a Flesh-light. But you need a Vice-like grip to really get the job done!
"Hey Joe, did you give that girl the old vice-grip last night?"
"Obviously! I love The Human Flesh-light. It's like masturbating with company!"
"Hell yeah!"
"But she suffocated and now I have this corpse in my bed."
by Jacob Haggard December 02, 2011
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