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Stay Up Til Tommorow Syndrom: is the disease that is whe you cant fall asleep before 12 midnight.. A Diesease that is starting to become a major epidemic throughout American teenagers. In a 2004 study on teenagers between the age of 14-24 year olds,; scientists found out that the main reason for SUTTS is the amount of Caffine teenagers are consuming. At this rate, in 2340 teenagers will no longer be able to sleep. The best way to prevent this is to not drink sodas, ie, Coke, Pepsi, Root Beer, Dr Pepper, Mountain Dew etc,. And other drinks with a high amount of caffine such s Monster, Red Bull, Rockstar, Nos etc,. So all in all, SUTTS: the epidemic that is weeping the nation. GO TO BED BEFORE MIDNIGHT!
"Dude, you got SUTTS tonight?"
by Jacob Glickman January 21, 2008
A land brought down from heaven into a lake situated between Seattle and Bellevue. This fantasy among subburban paradises is home to some of the most kind hearted and ebullient people i know. This 13 mile round, foot shaped island is also home to one of the 5 richest people in the world, Paul Allen, and Brad Pitt is proud to be an islander. Bill Gates lives in Medina, aka the land of the scary little peep who pop out of bushes if you try and go there. Mercer Island, an affluent society raises its children to become the next stars of America. The high school, praised by God himself, sends students to practically every Ivy-League school in america, can bellevue say that? No. The school also boasts state champion teams and KingoChamps anually. Sure football sucks but atleast Mercer Island isnt known for the best male butt tapping sport in the state.
My name is Taj, from far east and even i have heard of mercer island, where the beauties of the west are born. Suck my COCK Bellevue!
by Jacob Glickman January 23, 2008
Schmuck: The yiddish word literrally translated to mean jewels. or the man's jewels. so dont ever say your a schmuck unless you actually mean you're a man jewel
"Jesus Christ! I am such a Schmuck!"
"You have NO idea what you're saying!"
by Jacob Glickman February 02, 2008
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