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An over-rated sports car for insecure men who lack other qualities, and need a fancy car to get the girl, despite the reason a car's only purpose is to get from point a to point b.
Guy: Hey sexy, wanna hop in my corvette and I'll show you a good time?
Girl: Oh, sure! Even though you're old, the cavemen on geico put your face to shame, and you only have a 2 inch penis, sure! :)
by Jacob Doe October 13, 2007
The top of the food chain in academic society. They often times end up being the boss of those who picked on them in school, get the best jobs, the best women, and the best standard of living.
I should have treated that geek better in school, because now he's raping my ass.
by Jacob Doe October 12, 2007
A woman who puts out for everyone seeking sexual entertainment and has every disease in the book. See cheerleader.
Cheerleaders are vapid, slutty, clones who whore themselves out to the entire athletic team. There language consists of high-pitched giggling, "oh my god," and the term "like," and is often times an earsore. If you have a sister on a cheerleading squad, beware - sound proof your walls, hide your chocolate, and barricade your door(s).
by Jacob Doe October 12, 2007
A spic who thinks and acts white, yet still a potato - brown on the outside, white on the inside.
Alberto Gonzalez is the new Mr. Potato Head.
by jacob doe October 12, 2007

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