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The word given to passers by who may be injured / knocked over / offended by an activity taking place.
Comes from 'Pedestrian'. See also O.A.Ped
"Hold up! Ped'hests coming! We'd better stop skimming pennies across the canal or they could get hit!"
by Jacob Brant July 13, 2005
An elderly ped'hest.
Comes from 'Old Age Pensioner' and 'pedestrian'.
1. "Hold on guys! O.A.Ped coming, we don't wanna knock her over!"
2. "Check that O.A.Ped's wheelchair! It's got alloys!"
by Jacob Brant July 13, 2005
The spelling of the sound of beatboxing (specifically a whiteboy breakbeat).
"Poom per tay, poom-poom per tay, I'm gonna rap for you boy, I ain't no foo bitch, poom per tay, poom-poom per tay."
by Jacob Brant July 13, 2005

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