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99 definitions by Jacob

1. A foolish or stupid person.
2. A person of profound mental retardation having a mental age below three years and generally being unable to learn connected speech or guard against common dangers. The term belongs to a classification system no longer in use and is now considered offensive.
1. My mom did drugs when she was pregnant and now I'm a certofoed.

2. You're such a certofoed
by Jacob December 17, 2004
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"Stud-hoss" is, loosely, a spin of hoss. It's also a mocking of the colloquial pronunciation of "stud horse" by a redneck. A stud horse is, of course, a horse whose sole purpose in life is to breed. You should only say this about yourself, though.
"How can she say no? I'm a complete stud-hoss!"
by Jacob December 04, 2004
2 3
To distance oneself from another person, or situation. Pronounced the same as the past tense of diss.
I'm gonna dist myself from making a quote.
by Jacob May 03, 2004
5 6
Refering to police officers po-po,pigs,five-o ect. The old style six shot police .357 magnum or the like in a holster, hence the bullets are six in quanity and facing down.
Six-down fool, run!
by jacob November 14, 2003
4 5
"Fat gundu manager that speaks this "what are you doing buddy". is the biggest tight ass by paying employees shit pay
Apu of the Simpsons
by Jacob September 21, 2003
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1) An exclamation along the lines of woohoo and yahoo.
2) Replaces "whatever" or "I dont care" in a sentence.
Whoody doo! I just won the lottery!

*to the teacher* I didn't do my homework, whoody doo.
by Jacob September 11, 2003
2 3
refering to one of complete transgender values. Used when refering to one who has no means of telling apart men and women.
OMG! Johhny is a Japolock because he fucks guys and girls!
by Jacob April 08, 2003
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