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Horrible Shoes that only posers and girls that no nothing about skateboarding and wear them because they think that makes them "skaters". Well guess what it doesn't.
Real skateboarder: Etnies are stupid and only posers wear them, besides they're all the same besides the color.
by Jacob January 30, 2005
the mark of a leet n00b. (in the leet alphabet '1337' actually means IEET wich is no existing word. therefore outwrite stating to the l_337 l\l1l\ly45 out there, that they are a uber n00b)
im so 1337, im thriteen and have no concept of reality so i copy what other people are doing and have no grasp of what image i am portraying to the world.
by Jacob November 29, 2003
This is the TV shw that replaced the highly popular "The Screen Savers" from Tech TV. RIP Tech TV. Starring Kevin Rose, Sarah lane, and some other douchebag.
None... its a bad cable TV show.
by Jacob March 22, 2005
ecstatic and intoxicated. used in reference to celebration.
Let's go to the club tonight and get "krunk". We're celebrating the new millenium.
by Jacob March 10, 2005
Big fatty that is all g
he can bend and break metal like nothing
but sucks up to teachers too much
drops the BOMB every morning
That guy is so koa yamashita.
by Jacob March 18, 2005
The played out..riddin all day part of the mountain when your sking or snowboarding.Generally consisting of small to huge chunks of ice,sluff,or just beat up snow.
Shit..I would've stomped that if it wasn't for all the chunder in the landing
by Jacob June 07, 2004
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