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A sexual word in which the male rushes into his partner's rear end, causing severe pain if in the anal.
Last night when we were having sex, I snuck a blitz on her.
by Jacob April 07, 2005
The word "dingle bat" was created by me. Dingle Bat is reciognized to have three definitions;
1. A bat with one wing
2. A person who talks too much and has nothing important to say
3. Someone with an utterly annoying voice that makes you want to shoot them to bloody death.
1. I saw a dingle bat fall out of a tree the other night.
2. Greg talks a whole bunch, but really has nothing important to say; he's a real dingle bat.
3. Leah has a really shrill and annoying voice, which makes her a dingle bat.
by jacob December 21, 2004
random. that's all it is and all it'll ever be.
"that's so zoltron."
by jacob November 15, 2004
this band sucks. they arent emo or hardcore. they have 3 fucking guitars. not even metal bands have that many.they lyrics suck and the vocals guy has a whiny voice. they suck live also.
hawthorne heights=shitty band with shitty wanna be emo fans....
by Jacob June 17, 2006
Just as it says, a Kazaa Bitch is someone who downloads way too much from Kazaa. Can also be used for Alltheweb.com (Alltheweb bitch) and various other downloading means.
hey im downloading music cuz im a cheap ass white boi who wants to get slapped with a law suit
by Jacob May 21, 2004
An abbreviation for the word "you" which is easier to type especially if you are text messaging over a mobile device
wut up w/ u?
by Jacob November 11, 2003
To stab somebody really hard, multiple times, and as fast as possible, with your penis.
If you goat her, that'll put her in place.
by Jacob August 05, 2003

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