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A waitress that works at Waffle House
Hey philosophister, come bring me a drink and eggs.
by Jacob March 15, 2005
To rink means to decide not to do your work after work.
I had an eight-hour day at the daily grind, i'll just rink when I get home.
by jacob January 14, 2005
Plitz means to make out when someone's parents are in the house, so you're kind of cautious.
Don't let me and your mother catch you and that slut plitz ever again!
by jacob December 22, 2004
a chemistry teacher at PBCC, who is not great, but in fact simply better than dr. kreiger
Shreevey Beave, SHREEVEY BEAVE...Shreevey Beave, Shreevey Beave...Kreiger is an asshole, Shreevey Beave
by jacob October 27, 2004
The hymen (thin skin stretched over the entrance to the vagina), said to be "popped" (torn/broken to allow penetration) when a girl loses her virginity.
The first time was pretty good, although I bled a little when he popped my cherry.
by Jacob August 11, 2003
of or accustomed to being intune with the one and only donald lim
yo dawg you are so on the ball today, what a dliminator
by jacob May 06, 2005
a person who munch's on puffins
quit munchin on ma puffin ya prick
by Jacob April 25, 2005

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