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a person who has sold their soul to the devil in return for an illusion of power
dem prefects are sooooooo gay we can go in and out of B block as we please
by Jacky boi February 01, 2005
Another term 4 a Jack Grayson uno dat mad sex machine in epchs and has the 10 incher ne gilrs know wat im tlkin about
"Ohhh Jacky Boi please let me suck your cock"
by Jacky boi January 31, 2005
A big ear'd posh twat hu gays wudnt even want dis guy gets turned down by prozzys. Also renound for bein jealous of jack graysons and how often they get it
oh shit ders James Smith ... hide before he sees us
by Jacky boi January 31, 2005

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