7 definitions by Jackts9999

The fine art of getting really wet, really cold, going nowhere really fast, while spending large amounts of money
Sailing owns, though
by jackts9999 May 03, 2009
Not a dog
The UrbanDictionary. #1 definition for dog is "not a cat", soooo I found logical that a cat its not a dog..
by Jackts9999 May 03, 2009
A nanosecond is the time that takes the red light to turn green and the car that is behind you to honk three times
cling!(Green light)
by jackts9999 May 03, 2009
An African mammal, ugly as hell,hairy and dirty that usually feeds on shitty corpses left by other animals, fucks once a year and yet keeps laughing.
Safari Guide : Look people, a hyena!
Tourist: Ewww, thats disgusting!
by jackts9999 May 03, 2009
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